Drive on...

My major beef with video games has always been that most of them were patterned after sissy games involves balls or sticks. Finally, I have discovered a Man Game that makes noise and creates havoc without shooting people (a whole 'nother post, but I don't get that either). Yep, this is manstyle - Racing!

Some time ago we downloaded the demo for a game called Redline. It allowed the boys and I to race head to head via the internet on four different computers. Since then I got the licensed version and let me tell you, I can flat out run like a scalded ape.

Here's a screen shot of me in a low speed corner, overtaking (and giving a love tap to) some guy in an old Corvette. This sort of thing knocks the other guy off balance for long enough to squeak by on the inside and, although officially discouraged, is perfectly legal. :)

I'm driving a race prepped Vauxall around Silverstone. The Silverstone track didn't come with the game but you can download all sorts of tracks and cars to add to your fun. The Vauxall is a great car - not as fast as the Vipers or Ferraris but this particular track has some gnarly S curves that I can navigate without lifting the throttle, gaining enough distance between me and the big dogs that they're still trying to catch me when I cross the finish line.

Think your fast? Download the demo and call me out, Bubba. Just bring something faster (or trickier) than my Vauxall.


retro said...

Your kids don't beat you consistently? You have indeed beat the system.

My video game of choice (now that I've got a new Dell) is of course "Lego Star Wars" which re-enacts Episodes IV-VI. Nothing like being a wookie.

Esther Irwin said...

Is this research for your world view class? :)

Randy Bohlender said...

Retro - my kids do beat me occasionally, but usually I goad them into driving something so exotic that it's hard to control. It's all psych ops, baby. A well driven Austin Mini Cooper can dust a Lamborghini Muira driven by a cheeto fingered kid any day.

Esther - this is vital mind prep. Do not mock what you do not understand.

chuck said...

Sure, driving at speeds only seen on 435 without fear of the po po and or crashing is indeed a rush, but I am still partial to the stick figure skier. That game is a classic time sucker.