Beer and Bears. A deadly combo.

After the Beer, Guns and Cats warning, I figured this sort of thing would die down. Then today, it's Beer and Bears.

Even more proof that animals are dangerous: Bears Eat Man at Beer Festival.

Lock up your beers, people.


Joni said...

Okay, so I am totally blown away at this moment in time. My oldest son (known as "Harry" to the blogging world) was checking out other blogs of people who like things like Wally McDoogle books and Adventures in Odyssey. He happened upon a blog by a certain Grayson Bohlender. I kept thinking, "Wow, does that name sound familiar!" Then while following a link to Grayson's dad's blog, I see a picture of none other than Randy Bohlender. You have got to be kidding?!

Do you remember intro. to philosophy with Bro. Black???

Small world we live in!

Joni (Davis) Johnson

Randy Bohlender said...

Joni -

holy smokes! Yes, I DO remember Intro to Philosophy with Bro. Black. In fact, I'm twitching right now.

How (and where) are you?

Joni said...

We live in northeast Ohio, near Akron. We are doing well. Drop over to my profile page sometime, and shoot me an e-mail. Keith was blown away at how I found your blog, too.

I can't believe you remember the coffee incident! That cracks me up!

Harry said...

Please ignore previous comment from my son. He got the story a little confused!

joni said...

I think you need to just ignore all comments from both of us! I didn't realize he was still signed in. That last comment was from me, not Harry!