Good (cheap!) Summer Fun :)

Summer is here. I note this because at 8:30am two little boys went tearing out of the back door to play with the hose.

Over the weekend, we bought them this little plastic hose toy. You route the hose through a switch that then pushes the water to a base station that launches a rocket. Had I looked hard at the package, I would have passed on it, thinking it would never work.

I was wrong.

Not only will it launch, Gray has learned that if you modulate the switch a little you can get the crazy thing to hover on an Old Faithful size stream of water (it doesn't hurt that we have enough water pressure to turn back rioters). They've played with this thing hard for three days now, including hours yesterday with the Dinsmore kids. I think we've got about twelve cents per entertainment hour per child. Of course, that's not factoring in water bills.

Also, a quick shot of Zoe, sporting her perma-pigs from yesterday's hairstyle. How great is my life? I get to look at this face every day!


Zack said...

I think your boys are way cool! Today at the staff meeting Grayson stood up when Mike asked for volunteers to run screens. I laughed out loud , it was really cool. (I would say cute but I'm just not there in my manhood yet...)

chuck said...

That is one cute face..

Esther Irwin said...

Grayson could probably do a bang up job on those screen.

Zoe is soooooo cute with those piggies!

Steve said...

Ah, you make us totally homesick for the grandkids - not that we're volunteering to babysit.
bless ya

Telma said...

She is precious!