webstream is up and rocking...

If you haven't seen it by now, you MUST go visit the new IHOP web stream. We're partnering with God.tv with a phenomenal new video player.

I can't say enough good about it - we're archiving 2 hour sets so if your favorite worship leader plays in the middle of the night, you can catch it over coffee in the morning!

They're offering a free 3 day trial right now - check it out now! Then think about what 24/7 prayer and worship in your home or business. The $10/mo. is peanuts, gang.

Note: If you have problems with the new player, try another browser. I got it to work on Firefox on one Mac and Safari on the other. It's worth the hassle!

Once you see it - let me know what you think! And have mercy - these young adults just became a part of the cast of the most unusual (and potentially impactful) 24/7 reality show in the world!


Jeremy said...

This is awesome indeed!

Does anyone know if they will leave the old player as an option? The new player rocks, but whilst at work, I cant stream at 2mb's, or I'll take all of our bandwidth and it will be a bit too noticeable if I take up our whole T1.

I'm trying to be a prayer-room-ninja, and streaming at 2mb's will surely blow my cover ;)

Theresa said...

I am So excited! On Tuesdays I have to leave for work 15 minutes into the 10AM set and am so bummed. Now I can watch it later. I have already seen one of my daughters today praying during a rapid fire. (we live far away) God is good to me!
I am going to email the tech people right now and thank them.

G said...

wow! the clarity is amazing. We saw you this mornin' Kelsey :+)

Jacob Cole said...

Mr. Bohlender,

It is pretty awesome! Now with IMA 24/7 on cameras the webcast is rockin'!

Mrs. I. said...

Now, I can see what the NightWatch has been up to all this time. Being able to see/hear the sets I've previously been sleeping through is great. I'm really enjoying that feature a lot. The clarity, of course, is awesome. I'm staying up way too late because I hate to turn it off!

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I wanted to check this out but it refuses to work in linux. So disappointing. :(