The reading schedule...

My Blackberry's abuzz this morning with requests for the reading schedule. See link at top right of the page and give us a shout out if you're using it.

Reminder: fast discussion/encouragement meeting, my office, noon on Fridays.
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Jeremy` said...

"what, what!" (I think that qualifies as the proverbial 'shout out', but I'm as white as they come).

Been especially stuck in Daniel's prayer in Dan 9. There's so much there it blows me away, and I had never read it before yesterday.

Kurt said...

Thanks for putting the list together. I have already felt the Lord speak to my heart as I was reading one of the passages.

Do you think you could share with us some highlights of the friday lunch meetings? I know those of us out here in the "blog" world would appreciate it.

G said...

Shout out for the reading list! thanks :+)
Doug and Gretchen

JoAnna said...

Thank you for this list! I am excited to add it to my daily reading. Our church goes through "Life Journal" and then we discuss it at homegroups... Since this is a set schedule, I've been wanting to add something along these lines. During the fast, this is great! Thank you again!! Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with Kurt and would love to read a recap of the encouraging Friday meetings. :)

ps: thanks for resuming the blog-ness.

Michaela said...

Thanks for putting this together and sharing it. I can't make this friday but hopefully the next.