Previously Unblogged Highlights of My Trip to San Francisco

I landed on a direct flight from San Francisco about 6:30pm yesterday, an hour ahead of schedule and in time to join Kelsey at the EGS. It was great to see my family - any time away is too much.

While I've blogged a few thing along the way, here are a few things that missed the blog but hit the mark in my heart.

1) Much Talking with Fun Peeps

I spent hours talking with the JHOP crew. We were with these kids in DC. They're all at the 20 mark or above now, but I'm calling them kids forever. We talked fund raising, calling, training, mission, and of course, Camp Bennet. AAAK! Pictured is Missy Huff - who I personally take credit for recruiting to JHOP, whether it's accurate or not.

I also loved hanging with Michael Broduer and his assistant, Sean - former pro paintballer, former karate champion, current Acura Inner City Race Car driver. I nearly hurled my cookies a couple of times as we raced through the streets of the city.

2) Food

The first night we were there, the JHOP girls made salmon that would match anything I've had in a fine restaurant. That's one of the cookstresses there at the left - Ashley, along with Missy and half of Jesse Engle's head. :)

I also managed to snarf down a good philly cheese steak sandwhich at a dive on Haight Street called The Pork Store. Gotta love the name.

2) Art, Art Everywhere

This is a city that exudes art even as it woos the artist within.

Pictured here is Jason Wenth finding meaning in the painting in the alley next to the JHOP house. If it moves - or doesn't move - someone in San Fran will make art of it. Also pictured is a painting done by one of the JHOP crew.

4. The City Itself.

OK. I love this city, warts and all. Mash down on any of the photos to see them jumbo size. I took these from Twin Peaks. This is THE PLACE to live in California...if you can raise the cash.

Also notable but unphotodocumented...
  • Cody asking "So, who wants to take a walk?" about 11pm on Haight Street. Jason went with him and came back with tales to tell. I went to bed.
  • Pausing while loading the shuttle vehicle for the airport because a drug deal was going down fifteen feet from us.
  • A Fluevog store. I'm telling you, a FLUEVOG store!!!! I did not make a purchase. eBay's cheaper.
  • Touring the Cow Palace and the Graham Auditorium. Two very different venues, I assure you.


johnloux said...

Hey Randy who showed you around the Cow Palace..
Boss Hog?

Stephanie said...

Randy your photos are making me sad. I moved to the middle of nowhere to pray from THAT beautiful city. I actually went to Promise Land regularly too.

San Francisco is truly one of the best places on earth and sometimes I ask God if He would mind moving IHOP to California. He usually reminds me of sacrifice and the call to a simple life. That was pretty impossible for me to do in the city of possibilities.