Just another day in San Fran...

Check out this cool worship space - I took these photos this morning at Promiseland. They meet in a second floor space on Market Street. Huge open beams - a fair amount of steel. The windows over the street are gorgeous!

I spoke at a pastors' meeting here this morning on behalf of The Call.

After the meeting, Michael Broduer - the pastor - took me downstairs to a street level bistro where we ate lunch with none other than Kevin Kelly, Wired Magazine's founding editor and current maverick-in-chief.

Kevin is currently is writing a graphic novel on the nephilum. An hour's conversation with this dude made my brain hurt, but it was a fun hurt. It was funny how Kevin was the person who originally connected me with Michael, but I'd never met him in person until today.

From lunch, we scooted back to the JHOP-SF house on Haight Street, where we found this spiffy bus/bug combo parked out back. You do not see these in KC.

Our final stop of the day were the corporate offices of Burning Man to see Andie Grace, who gave us an expanded tour of the expanded digs. Their offices have grown considerably since my last visit. She sent me home with a DVD of an art project called the ship of fools. We met the builder years back and I look forward to hearing his story again.

I'll be glad to be home tomorrow. Meanwhile, I leave you with one last photo from the Burning Man parking lot.


Greg Burnett said...

You live an amazing life, Randy... its great to follow your journey!

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...


I want traveling along on your next trip. Don't you need a butler or something on one of these trips?

Regarding the Bug/Bus weren't you saying the other day that it was time for a new 2nd vehicle. I think you found it and were just testing the "blogging world" to see what kind of reception you'd get in KC. It screams Randy B!

Randy Bohlender said...

ChriS -

I'm seriously considering selling the shotgun seat on these trips as part of an adventure travel package. What's it worth to you to be my valet?