It's time.

Hey everyone...

I've decided for a number of reasons to put my blog on long term pause. I know better than write a dramatic "I'm quitting blogging" post because I've seen enough of those to last a lifetime, but when I say pause, I'm not just talking days or weeks, and indeed it may end up being permanent.

I've written nearly every day since October of 2002, with the exception of a month I took off in '04 (I think). There used to be a little feature that told you how many posts you'd written but I can't find it. Last time I noticed it was months ago when I crossed the 2,000 threshold. I do know that the archives are around 250,000 words, but I admit I used some words twice.

I'm not going underground, I haven't decided to quit writing, nor have I joined an Amish conclave. I am psychologically sturdy and in good spirits. It's just time.

Thanks for the fun. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.



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