The mighty SS Family Truckster has been a member of our family since 2001 (the day after we brought Zion home, we purchased the Truckster). We have added 135,000 miles to the 22,000 that were on the odometer the day we got it...and it's never left me sitting.

Until yesterday.

I've heard an odd sound under the hood for a few days but....well, it's been too cold to investigate (lame, I know). Yesterday I backed out of my parking spot here at IHOP and heard a strange haaaarumph! Every warning light on the dash lit up - alternator, water pump, a/c, check engine, check dry cleaning, everything....but it was still running. I drove it back into the parking spot, shut it off, and popped the hood.

It turns out that an idle pulley had came loose and allowed the serpentine belt to coil around the pulleys like some strange synthetic python. All the parts appeared to be there, just too loose to work.

Fortunately I have a young IHOPer, eager to earn a few bucks by doing in the bitter cold what I could not probably do in the confines of a heated garage, who is out there right now sorting it all out.

You can't keep a good Montero down.

BLOGUM ADDENDUM: Ok, so the idler pulley didn't just work itself loose. Turns out the stinking bearing burned out. Nevertheless, he is wrenching furiously and we shall be roadworthy once again.

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