A Night Alone. Almost.

Kelsey is gone tonight on a women's ministries retreat. Ok, it's not exactly that. It's a group of wild women loosely defined as "the mom's group", and they're all going to retch if they read that I called it a women's ministry retreat, but they're gone and I'm here, so I'm blogging it unafraid.

Jackson has been farmed out to another family. Gray is watching a video as he drifts off too sleep. Zion is doing his nightly routine of listening to an Adventures in Oddysey episode. These are online now, for all of you who grew up on the cassettes. Zoe is having some Grandma time.

As for me, I'm split tracking. The right half of the screen is open to a browser window. The left is showing the documentary Why We Fight on dvd. I know this makes some of you twitch, but I haven't solely watched a movie front ot back in I don't know how long. I'm not distracted. I prefer to consider it thinking in stereo. Oh, I'm chatting online with Lenny LaGuardia too.

I'm not far enough into the video to pass judgement, but I did hear one quote in the preview that made me roll my eyes...

"The United States is the greatest force for good in the world."
John McCain

If that is true, we are above all men most helpless. I love our country, but we are not a savior nor the repositor of goodness that we think we are. Our hearts are as dark as those anywhere else. Our barbaric ambitions are only merely dulled by the convenience of easy credit and high thread count sheets. If push came to shove, or bombs came to main street, we would respond as savagely as any other people.

Here you go, Senator McCain. I've got your greatest force for good in the world for you...

"When she embraces her destiny
and rejects the spirit of the age,
the church is the greatest force for good in the world."

Randy Bohlender


Kelsey Bohlender said...

Oh, man, the breath has been sufficiently knocked out of me. "Women's Ministries"??? C'MON. That would be "Mom's Group" thank you very much.

I dare you to tell Jennifer that she is head of the "Women's Ministries". If you do, I would duck.

Esther Irwin said...

yeah, I didn't think you would get away with that remark, Randy. Nice try, tho.

steven hamilton said...

Amen, brother soul...