Eat your heart out.

I'm posting this in hopes that Kels' many would-be suitors from high school and college will stumble upon my blog and realize once again that they missed out BIG time when I rode into the scene and stole her away. Can you believe we're only five months away from our eighteenth anniversary?!?

This killer photo, like all of our others, by Shelley Paulson. Shelley - I LOVE this photo! But who's the old man in the other ones you sent?


Shelley Paulson said...

The dork she was smart enough to marry!

Esther Myung said...

Randy, your wife is beautiful! She even shines through your blog! Shine Kelsey, shine! :)

Randy Bohlender said...

"She even shines through your blog...". I assume that's better than being called a dork.