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We've long planned to take some days off in January, and today those began. Where did we go...Cancun? Telluride? Martha's Vineyard? Uh, no. We stayed home to finish some projects that have gone undone too long.

Today's list including reorganizing a storage area off of our kitchen that had become the catch-all of junk. I found a lot of tools in there that I thought I'd lost. Also gallons and gallons of paint and sandpaper to no end.

We tackled the hall bathroom today in earnest. The room has been held hostage by a putrid green and white swirl countertop. We pondered replacing the countertop but budgets constrained us. Kelsey actually bought paint to match (semi gloss putrid green) but when we looked at it, we just couldn't do it. One quick google and we found a product that will allow us to paint the counter top, so she went to sLowe's and picked it up.

Pictured here is Kelsey in her trendy-yet-paint-stained Call DC shirt (will work for revolution and all that...). Zion is perched up top while we tear out the faucets in order to replace them once the countertop is finished. And the picture above - the person with their head under the cabinet? Oh, that's Kelsey too. She does all her own stunts.


Tracie Loux said...

I knew there was a reason I liked Kelsey! She's a fix it woman like me! GO GIRL!
I've been under many a sink in my life!
And I have a whole "paint wardrobe", very fashionable!

ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

I know we will only see Randy under the sink when APPLE comes out with a new gadget just for said purposes. Of course now we know Jackson's Inspiration for the I-Plunger.

Mrs. I. said...

Let us know how that counter paint works and don't forget the "after" pictures. Enjoy your "vacation!"

Zack Hensley said...

man I'm getting older cause I totally get jazzed about remodeling and new faucets, and cabinet fixtures... oh lord...I think I'm going to go tepee someone's house to regain my adolescents...or go to Lowe's...it's up in the air