Stand on it, Grandpa!

James Hylton is 72 years old...and he's hoping to qualify for the Daytona 500. He's already there practicing...running laps at 181 mph, but it's 4 mph off the pack so it doesn't look good.

Check out this story - you've got to cheer for the guy, driving a battered old car on someone else's nickle in hopes of making it to the big race. Note that he first raced in the 500 back in 1966.

About sixty drivers are competing for 43 slots. I seriously hope he makes it. I also hope that if he qualifies, he doesn't drive the whole 500 miles with the blinker on.


Zack Hensley said...

That's awesome!! Just another reason to eat at McDonald's, see what all those perservatives are doing...72 year olds are driving Nascar, I'm gonna start eating there so I can be driving top fuel Funny Cars when I'm 80

sandie brock said...

You may enjoy the movie "The Fastest Indian"