A Shout Out for the Cause...

I drove the Jack and Eddie Bauer edition Suburban to the airport this afternoon to pick up our good friend Paul Amabile. Paul, Cheryl and their six children were a part of our trek to DC in January of 2005. We shared living quarters - often close, close quarters! - for nine months and in general caused much mayhem on Capitol Hill together. Together, we prayed for hours, ate a ton of Cosi bread, argued Starbucks vs. Duncan Donuts, and wracked up hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in parking tickets.

Amabile's stayed in DC when we returned to KC, and have been there since, save for a one month assignment in Boston (their home turf) and another in South Dakota. They are now moving to Ft. Mill, SC to continue their involvement with Lou Engle's ministry.

Paul flew in this morning to rent a truck, gather the rest of their belongings, and truck them back to Ft. Mill. His trip was perfectly timed for the lousy winter weather. He is hauling their stuff to the first house they will solely occupy since January of 2005. Think about that for a second...for the first time in two years, they will be able to shut the door.

Slam it, Paul! Slam it! You deserve it!


Tracie Loux said...

Hey bro,
I've lived in the northeast all my life.
NOT Duncan!!!! Who's Duncan?

Alaska1 said...

I watched a cooking show this past weekend. America's Test Kitchen to be precise. I love to cook and they love to show easy stuff to do. Anyhow, they were cooking cheesecakes and taste testing coffees. Two of the 5 types of coffees tasted were the Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks house blends. Dunkin Donuts was slammed as being bitter and having a ton of not roasted beans in the bag. While Starbucks was touted as very good and was the overall favorite.