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Prozac. For a cat.
Nothing that I could add right now seems appropriate, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves about this.

They discovered Stonehedge Acres.
Apparently there are remains of a town near the site of Stonehendge. What tipped them off was a cave drawing of the Starbucks logo and a receipt from Home Depot.

Think you're a savant?
Probably not, unless you can match this dude. A fascinating article about one man's brain power.
edit: Ok, if you're jammed for time and can only check out one link, investigate the third one. This guy is unbelievable. While seeming very normal, he learned Icelandic in a week. He sees numbers as colors and shapes ("281 is rather ugly....") and recites pi to the 22,000th decimal. Watch the imbedded video if you can - unless you're in the prayer room (Steeno!).


Tracie Loux said...

The cat on prozak is not a foreign concept to this family, highly messed up, but not foreign.
My mother, who was helping to locate a "christmas kitty" for Isabelle, found one she thought might work. She told us all about the cat, and how sweet he was and so forth, and then said, "but the doctor did say he is on prozak for depression, but should be able to go off of it after a short while"....
apparently this kitty had suffered a tragic move and had not adjusted well to the new locale.
Since we were facing a 22 hour drive across the country, we decided not to adopt Prozak Pete from PA, and force him to suffer another tragic move!

Liz said...

Cats don't need prozak, they are just made that way. Cats are highly sensitive creatures. They could be the intercessors of the non-homosapien animal kingdom.

Randy Bohlender said...

Cats are NOT intercessors. How do I know? Because intecessors care.

Faced with choosing a cat or prozac, I'd take prozac, paws down.

Kyle said...

i wonder what that Daniel Tammet sees when you say "666"?

Christine said...

Cats care. They're just really good at not showing it.

Daniel Tamment raises all sorts of questions for me about the age to come and glorified bodies and all of that. Wishful thinking... or only a shadow?

Jerry James said...

"The village was carbon dated to about 2600 B.C."
Fact or Fiction? Is carbon dating the real thing? Are some things a million years old?

Randy Bohlender said...

Jerry, many scientists have kissed carbon dating goodbye (with apologies to Josh Harris).

See this article.

Jerry James said...

I think we need to get the Brain Man saved and in the prayer room.
I pray even right now that God would give to him the gift of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. Do it God, in the name of Jesus.