A Day In Which Nearly Nothing Was Normal...

Today was upside down in almost every way.

First off, I ran Grayson to the Loux Academy for Hopeful Homeschoolers, then returned home where Jackson was waiting for his carpool ride to school. At fifteen minutes past the appointed time, I called the other dad in the carpool. I heard panick in his voice. "Uh, we forgot to tell you - we're on our way out of town!" What he didn't realize was that it didn't matter because it was our turn to drive and we spaced it out....

I jumped in the Montero and hauled Jackson to school (30 min one way), where he later aced his 160 word vocab test. Whooohooo Jackson!

Kelsey and I are teaching the Omega material to the Simeon Company internship. Today was her turn to teach, which translates into my day to cover the kids. While she went to IHOP to finish studying and teach, I installed curtain rods and juggled Zoe.

She returned home at noon and I left for IHOP. When I arrived, I realized I'd left my backpack leaning against the dining room wall...with all my work and my powerbook. Back to the house, then back to IHOP

The afteroon was a series of short meetings and then the 4-6pm intercession meeting. Immediately after that meeting ended, I bolted down the sidewalk to the Seminar Room, where I'm helping the good Reverend Mills critique sermons as preached by the junior associate preaching class. (OK, honestly, I don't remember what the class is called. All I know is that they preach and we tell'm what worked and what didn't."

I arrived home about 8:30pm to a house full of people (Kelsey was hosting a meeting)...I'm starving because I had no dinner, and all I can see in obvious range is a bowl of M&Ms.

I'm hoping tomorrow's a little more normative....

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