A new link...

Ok, so Ian, my trusty aide-de-camp, sees my post below and mentions that he's tweaked his web site a little. It looks great, so I email him and ask what he used to build it (expecting to hear iWeb or something even easier and cooler than that because I am old and would not know of such things).

He replies "Uh, I hand coded it."

Uh, ok. You just did it from scratch.

"Well, did you like those cookies kids? I grew the cocoa plants for the chocolate chips myself! How about the invitation I sent you? Yeah, I made my own paper...."

He's holding out on me. He can probably do a BUNCH of junk I don't know about.

Check out their site and his blog. Ian and his lovely wife, Jocelyn, are very cool peeps. In addition to performing various and sundry duties on my behalf, Ian is a student at Forerunner School of Ministry and spends a boatload of hours in the prayer room.


shawn blanc said...

What a ham! Ian asked me about putting wordpress on his own URI a while ago and I told him how easy it was, but he made it sound like he didn't want to mess with it.

Ian you could have done it so fast. At least you chose a WordPress hosted blog! Way to go. And you're blogging on a mac. That's two points.

javamamma said...

Do I hear a hint of the sarcasm you talked about a couple posts ago?