Merry Christmas Eve...

We celebrated our first Christmas Eve with Zoe tonight. All the boys were excited to watch her 'open' a few small presents. She was more excited about a bottle. She is pictured here with 'Uncle John'.

Our Christmas Eve tradition is to open our Christmas stockings. It does my heart good to see the boys get so excited over some very small things - the pure joy of a surprised child. Popular gifts in the stockings tonight were iTunes cards, Chick-Filet cards and Jelly Bellies.

Tomorrow morning we'll tear into the presents proper. Grayson asked how long he had to wait until he woke us up. I told him he could come and get us when he'd memorized Psalm 119. That seemed to satisfy him. Until he looked it up.

Sitting here in anticipation of the chaos to come, the following is on my mind.

  • I am grateful for the coffee pot my mom bought for my office...both for the convenience of fresh java at the office and the minutes spared in getting to the 6am meetings.
  • We must learn to properly harness swarm theory this Tuesday and Wednesday to get set up for the big gig.
  • Allen Hood was outstanding this morning...especially his injunction to not 'mess with Jesus' mom!'.
  • I loved the look in my wife's eyes when I gave her those Hosea commentaries tonight.
  • Last night, the surprise ingredient in Tracie's chowder was....drum roll please....this stuff. And it rocked. I'm pretty sure it was good for us, too.
More to blog tomorrow, because, as a full service blogger, I will be blogging straight through Christmas. This is not some dog and pony show, folks.

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