Christmas Day

Just because I know you're checking if I'm really blogging...
  • iTunes is dirt slow today. Lots of gift card redemption no doubt.
  • I assembled a Playmobil castle with no less that 310 pieces today. I am not exagerating.
  • Kelsey got me the new Barak Obama book (a gargantuan campaign flyer, I know) along with an older one he wrote in his early 30's about growing up biracial. I'm looking at it with open eyes and mind with my latte colored daughter in my lap
  • We're off to the prayer room.
How was your Christmas?


Gayle C said...

Ours was Fantabulous. Nothing like child present frenzy to give one a giggle! Thanks for yesterday. We had a great time. Laughing with all of you helped us forget how sad we were not to be home for Xmas. Not to mention your mom is a great cook! She can feed us anytime! Spent the morning shooting rabbits with toilet plunger ammo on Cole's PS2.

Zack Hensley said...

that book by Obama is totally a a campaign flyer, but I did like the part about a government based on pragmitism vs, ideology. I was a very good read, enjoy!