We hosted a wedding...

In addition to a couple of meetings and going over my notes for Sunday, we hosted a wedding at our house today! Well, not really a wedding - a renewing of vows.

John and Tracie Loux are celebrating their 17th anniversary and wanted to renew their vows at Loose Park but the weather failed to get the memo. When I returned home, Kelsey had the house decked out in more candles than an emerging church service. The table was heavy with cheese cakes and these little three cornered spinich deals (not their technical name).

The renewing was wonderful. There is something innocent and clueless about a couple getting married at 20....it's nice, but you know they don't know jack. A couple re-upping after 17 years - saying "knowing what I know, I still choose you...", man, that's the coolest.

Congrat's John & Tracie!


Anonymous said...

spinich? Or......spinach?

Randy Bohlender said...

You have to master english or let it master you. I refuse to be held to the confines of of conventional speling.