Trauma and Coldstone

I got a phone call yesterday urging me to get home quickly - Grayson had split his lip pretty badly. I didn't realize what 'pretty badly' meant until I got home - yikers, it was a doozy. It seems that he and Jackson were going a little John Eldridge on one another and Gray got the inadvertent smackdown.

Firsthand accounts can be found here, here and here. This family has more embedded journalists than any battalion in Iraq.

We ended up at Children's Mercy, where they didn't stitch him up until into the evening (9 neat stitches if I do say so myself.) Kelsey and I got him home, got all the kids down for the night and made a late night Wally World run with a stop at Coldstone (for medicinal purposes, of course).

Back to your lives, citizens.


adam mcarthur said...

I tell you, I miss the days in the Bohlender household. Crazy to think this time last year we were doing a weekly go at the leaves and picking up other people's trash. Ahh, the memories. Wish I could have watched this one. The way it unfolds from everyone's point of view is too hilarious. We love you guys!

Sean The Red said...

If I can come out there, and I split my lip open, can I have ice cream too?

Danielle is a meanie and wouldnt get me any when I tried it last night.