a fine afternoon...

We spent the latter part of the afternoon and early evening with Tracey & Shelley Paulson from greater metro rural Minnesota. Paulsons are digiphotowebcentric media types who love prayer and for reasons not entirely clear, must like the Bohlenders a whole lot too.

Shelley updated our family photos to include Miss Zoe - we'll give you a look-see soon.

It was our first time meeting Tracey. He is a gentle souled worship leader who once worked with old-school Whiteheart (as in Steve Green singing lead...) and later worked with Sheila E. (anyone reading this blog - not named Loux - who recognizes that throwback?) and (briefly, he insisted) Prince.

We ended our time together by gathering around the feasting table. Ain't nothin' like the Stack to say "You peeps are good fun." Some time between the bbq and the cheesy corn, Shelley made a comment about the number of people who pass through Kansas City. It struck me for the first time what an amazing parade of people that we have hosted...people like the Paulsons, who love God with all their heart and are just finding their path to serve Him best like the rest of us. I'm not sure where else in the world you would meet an Ed Hackett, a Billy Humphrey, a Dwayne Roberts, a Kirk Bennett and a Brent Steeno - all five huge blessings in my life in their own unique way....and there are a dozen more like those five.

Sitting here at the breakfast bar, tea seeping next to my Powerbook and an exhausted five year old piled on the couch across the room, I am very, very grateful the Lord has planted us in Kansas City.


Todd said...

Did not Whiteheart play every midwestern AG on the map in the 80's?

I was there!

Nathan said...

Steve ["Find Us Faithful"] Green sang leads for Whiteheart??? I need proof... since I was around and alert in the 80's, and subjected to massive amounts of Steve Green. Was it a different Steve Green?

tracieloux said...

Nathan, sorry bro,
Yes, indeed Steve "the steve green", sang on the first Whiteheart album. Along with the Huff Bros (Dan and David), Dan going on to be the biggest session player in LA in the 80's and 90's and who has since gone on to become the biggest producer in country music today. David went on to play with Michael W. Smith, back on the "Eye to Eye" and "Big Picture" world tours, and then went on to form the band Giant with his brother Dan, which had a number one single "I'll See You in My Dreams" on secular radio. Gary Lunn, the bass player, went on to do studio work and then to play bass with Don Potter at Morningstar. The Founding memebers of Whiteheart, Billy Smiley and Mark Girshmell, stayed consistently in Whiteheart, and brought on people like Tommy SImms, who went on to play with Springsteen for a tour; Rick Florian; and the now drummer for Ketih Urban.
Sheila E played percussion for Prince for a period of time, not to be confused with Sheena Easton, who every school boy was in love with back in junior high.
Steve Green didn't like singing rock, that's why he left.
Mr Bohlender, please do not attempt to shut out a genius of completely useless facts from your blog from now on. I may not know much, but what I do know is music from the 80's, oh an how to groom a freakishly cool mullet. Now I will gladly step down from the lofty position that I have put placed myself in as "mr know it all", if someone can tell me the name of the "other guy" in Wham, not George Michael.


Randy Bohlender said...

Loux - dude, your icon makes you look like a girl. It would be even worse if you still had a mullet.

tracieloux said...

i need to get the poor guy his own blog!
the wife :)

Shelley Paulson said...

Tracy just said: "I'm somebody, I made the blog!" :-D

Thanks for giving us a front-row view to a slice of Bohlender life! We had such a great time sharing life over ribs.

Oh, and John Nielsen says the other member of Wham was Andrew Ridgely.

Rock on!

Randy Bohlender said...

Thus marking the first time Andrew Ridgely's name has been mentioned in print since 1985.