We are tired.

Tired of the FBI. Tired of cell phones. Tired of rental cars and tired of Vegas.

A few days ago, we called intercessors who made serious war and moved a mountain for us - we went from "we have a problem" to "enjoy your baby" in about 20 minutes.

Now we need the same favor to get our paperwork rushed through as soon as possible so we can get this baby home. Please pray - 90 second prayers count, especially when multiplied times numbers of blog readers.


Anonymous said...

Randy, I saw a dam being burst open with the will of God coming through for you guys. Like a flood, He is breaking through!

Passionista said...

I just said a prayer for you.

"enjoy your baby..." at home.

cathy said...

We're praying in NJ for you...

Adam McArthur said...

You better believe your family at ZHOP are praying!! It is time for you to go home with daddy and mommy little Zoe!! We love you guys!!

Adam, Taryn and cousin Enoch