It hit me today. I have a girl.

I've been waiting for this epiphinal eureka moment and it hit me today. At the laudramat, or as our Cajun friend from college used to say - the washateria.

I was pulling stuff out of the dryer. I've done this before. It's generally pretty dark, given my penchant for black shirts. Little boys clothes run the gamut of color, but if you wash them all together long enough, they all get the same gray. Keep in mind that we're raising 3 boys, so 30% of these clothes are on their third trip through the cloest. Now, Kelsey is rather colorful - just the other day she was sporting a green shirt and blue headband with her dark red pig-tails - but she's been simply outnumbered by my black shirts & the boys' simulated camo.

The load I did tonight had to be 50% pink. Bright pink. Pale pink. Pink with bows. Pink with elephants. Pink with pink trim and white daisies. Nothing like our normal laundry. I picked up a little dress that looked like it would fit a Chihauhua and thought 'how the heck did this happen?'

I know exactly how it happened. Divine intervention. Who knows what affect this will have on me long term. I may even buy a gray shirt.

Today we took Grayson and Zoe and drove out to Red Rocks Canyon, where we found a little old west town, admission: $10 per car load. We paid our ten dollars to the cowpoke at the gate and were told "You're just in time for the show. At 2:30, we got a shoot out and a hangin'." This is a direct quote.

We went in to discover something that I thought only existed in double episodes of the Brady Bunch - a real, old western town. It included a petting zoo that held (among other things), buffalo, a gargantuan milk cow, goats, sheep, pigs, and...uh, a half dozen wallaby. So much for authenticity. Regardless, we had fun.

The evening was spent facing the laundry monster and, of course, staring at Zoe. I have decided that she is the color of a single-shot mocha, light foam, probably decaf. It's perfect with her black hair and deep, dark eyes. It also looks pretty kickin' with a splash of pink.

I'm gonna press PUBLISH before I go all misty eyed and start humming sappy Bob Carlisle wedding music....


Alaska1 said...

I just found my order for the cup of joe in the morning. Sans the decaf though :)


Gayle C said...

You now get to use the saying "Daddy's little girl" and actually understand it! She will have you wrapped tightly around her little finger soon, if she doesn't already. Can't wait to give her a smooch!

Kristi Walsh said...

she is stunning!

Anonymous said...

what an angel- thank you for pursuing the heart of God for this one. i am stirred in my heart about the significance of what this means in the spirit- what an act of spiritual warfare vis love!
thank you for choosing ZOE (life) in this hour.
blessings to your family from az
anita h.

Joyska said...

she is beautiful you guys... i'm praying all the paper work goes quickly so you can bring her home! blessings, blessings, blessings!

Greg said...

Wonderful picture!

Knihti said...

ah, yas. pink is the gentle colour used to exemplify wee baby gals. however, hot pink and a heaping spoonful of drama, are indicative of pre-teen girls. enjoy her loveliness now before she starts talking back and tying up phone lines.

i am smitten by her! every fiber of me! all ideas regarding Inheritance in the Kingdom rest in such a child of grace. be blessed by her, as she has already been by you.

jillian edington