Thoughts from the Kreme....

Kelsey and I are holed up at Krispy Kreme between baby feedings. It's the first real bit of downtime we've had since we hit the ground.

We're feeling comfortable enough to ignore the navigation system in the Caddy to some extent. The directions from the hospital to the hotel are "Go east. Turn right at Pepe Taco." Reverse for the trip back.

Yesterday I passed a guy in a gargantuant jacked up Ford Excursion. He was talking on a bluetooth headset and drinking a can of Rock Star. I thought "That is the most Las Vegas thing I've ever seen."

People here are interesting. I commented yesterday that at one point it appeared we had walked into a professional wrestler's convention.

The nurses in the hospital are wonderful. They're a little puzzled as to why Zoe has not been discharged yet. "Monday" we tell them. They nod and say "Si".

If you're interested in class entertainment, this is the place. According to advertisements, in the next few days you could see .38 Special, the Beach Boys, Barry Manilow and (I kid you not) Quiet Riot. Of course, you can see Celine Dione every night of the week.

Once we get Zoe sprung from the hospital, we intend on going for a drive and letting the big Caddilac stretch her legs. We'll set the XM radio on classical (in this car, it seems sacreligious to play anything else) and point the nose east or north. If we go south or west we violate state laws about crossing the border with her before the Interstate Compact is finalized.

Monday, we're flying our key prayer warrior out here to help us. Grayson is ready to meet his little sister and we're ready to love him up. Jackson & ZB will hold down the fort with Grandma until we return.

Time to head back to the hospital soon. Can't wait to have her with us....


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She is beautiful guys!