A roller coaster of a day...

Adoption Update
My day started with a phone call from a social worker - the kind an adoptive parent does not want to hear. "There's a little problem....".

Today was the day we were to take Zoe home from the hospital. A technicality with the state social system means she has to stay where she's at until Monday, although the birth mom did relinquish her rights, and we signed adoption papers. All that to say is that we have our little girl...but she can't leave the hospital until a social worker goes before a judge on Monday. The chances of anything going squirrelly are almost zilch, but we still sure would prefer her out of there. We spent most of the day with her - she is such a joy.

On the financial front
The last forty eight hours have been amazing, as person after person - many who we literally have never heard of - have stepped up to help make this happen. We now have all the money we need for the big check to be written on Monday to the agency. This is unbelievable. It's funny - I almost wore my $10,000 shirt the other day in faith. I think I need a new one.

Secondary needs are this - about $3,000 for legal fees, and who knows how much for a vehicle big enough to haul our crew. We are so grateful to everyone who has sacrificed in redeeming this little one from what might have been - we want to make sure that we're upfront about the expenses. Again - the immediate, staring-us-in-the-face need is paid for! The rest will come as God gives it.

Coming soon - the rest of the story
In the next few days, we will connect the dots between a few dreams and some very real encounters that have happened here - suffice it to say that little Zoe has been prophecied from some time back. From a barren field....life.

And dinner - oh man. We're out west. Double-Double, baby!


Anonymous said...

does the double-double come with wireless?

Great pictures of Zoe, but when do you get to have a picture with her, Randy? You could call it: The Hair Raising Question Picture; the haves and haves not!! (not grammatical, but what the heck!)

Can't wait for the rest of the story...
Esther (nz)

shawn blanc said...

IN-N-OUT!! That is what I'm talking about. You guys know how to roll.