Saturday Recap...

Today was a work day around (and on) the house. Literally on the house. We woke up to a gentle rain, which coupled with our two oak trees and falling leaves, meant I needed to climb up on the roof. In the rain. And clean out our gutters, lest they overflow. There's something about walking around on the roof of your house in the rain that makes your neighbors stop and stare, muttering "Dufus".

Later, I had to take Grayson for a haircut. Grayson has amazing hair. It's dark, soft and THICK. While living in the DC area, we took him to a barbershop with an African American staff and clientele. The poor guy cutting his hair gently took a handful of it, looked at his coworker and asked "Is this kid a sheep?" Regardless, we need to shear him today. It looks good.

This evening, I drew on my Assemblies of God background and assembled Zoe's crib. These things are usually nightmarish ordeals, with misfit parts and Portugese directions, but this setup was amazingly simple. Eight bolts and ka-boom. Instant furniture.

Days like today underscore how much I love my family. I love having them around me. I love puttering around the house and hearing the boys wrestle in the basement or Zion pounding on the drums. I even loved putting a crib together while juggling a little girl in one arm. Good times - Dynomite! to quote J.J. Walker.

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