Some months ago, I subjected myself to an interview for the Onething podcast. Apparantly, I either did so well or so poorly that they wanted to give it another go and interviewed me again. Lee Harvey Oswald faced fewer questions before being plugged by Jack Ruby.

Actually, I just think D. Wayne Roberts enjoys interviewing the follically challenged.

Regardless of his logic, you can subscribe here.


Sam Clark said...

I have been in and out and around with the emergent conversation and I am so glad I heard your podcast today. I'd quit listening/reading anything remotely connected to the "emergent conversation" because of the "all over the page" definition of the term. I have been spending my study time in the word and in studying what the original church may have been like. I listen to many podcasts and I appreciate and agree with what you had to say. Much more importantly I believe Jesus will be glorified in your life and words.

shawn blanc said...

Randy - I saw your podcast on there and didn't know if it was a repeat or a newbie. Guess I'll have to check it out. Maybe if I shave my head I can get another interview?

Randy Bohlender said...

Shawn. Shave it. What's the worst that can happen? But if you're really looking for another slot in the chair, you should have said a bunch of wack stuff the first time so they feel you need to come back and redeem yourself.

Brian said...

The first one was VERY good, man! Consider it an honour to be invited back. I enjoyed it lots.