Now, we wait....

This morning, we loaded up Grayson and Zoe and headed over to the bank to do a wire transfer that would trip the trigger to begin work on our Interstate Compact paperwork. This is a series of paper manuevers between Nevada & Missouri that will allow us to bring Zoe home (or more technically, out of the state of Nevada).

We spent the afternoon in lockdown - after yesterday's emotional roller coaster, we were exhausted. The nap felt good.

After answering some email, we left the hotel to poke around town a little bit. We ended up at Panera for dinner (because we're in a strange city and oh so daring). It ended up to be the End of the Road Panera - the one they send managers to instead of firing them. They goofed up our order in more ways than was worth mentioning to them, and the house latte we ordered to take with us was horrible. I carried it back inside to ask for a refund, and the manager told me "oh yea - those are horrible. I've had one." I told her "I've had them all over the United States and they're not horrible elsewhere. You might want to check the recipe."

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Anonymous said...

How long, O Lord?

Bless you in your time of patience.