the day of all days....

Yesterday's visit by Sean and Danielle was an amazing treat. We shuffled between feeding the baby and feeding ourselves at an amazing buffet and killer mexican resturant. We valet parked the Caddy and tried not to giggle about it. Then we bolted back to the hospital to change a poopy. Nothing like balance in one's life.

Today was....ok, I don't have a word. If you combined exhausting, emotionally wrenching, antagonizing and exciting, you might get close to half of what the day was.

We went to the hospital to have Zoe released and take her back to our hotel. Halfway through the process, the socihttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifal worker decided that because we didn't have paper xyz, Zoe would not be released to us and it would, in fact, probably be two months before we could take her into our custody. This was announced very matter of factly - I felt kicked in the stomach. I grabbed a cell phone and started to pace, dialing up everyone I knew who had any power in heaven or on earth.

Allow me to sing the praises of Amy, Malcom & Deanna at Adoption Consultants in Georgia. If you every think of adopting and don't use these peeps, you need your head examined by a professional. They have gone to bat for us at every turn.

At the 40 minute mark of the discussion about whether or not Zoe would be ours, I had to leave Kelsey at the hospital to go to the airport and pick up Grayson. Leaving her there was the hardest thing I could imagine. I said goodbye, hopped in the Caddilac and started working the phones calling in Air Support. Props to our dear friends to bombarded heaven, because in 45 minutes I got the first indicator that the winds were changing. Twenty minutes later, Kelsey had the papers signed and was waiting quietly with our little girl.

We are now at our hotel, awaiting the Interstate Compact paperwork going through. Tomorrow, we go wire a chunk of money to the actual adopting agency. And it's worth every penny.

Again, thanks for all who have and will join this battle with us - we love you all. Zoe says thank you and goodnight.


Liz said...

I keep telling you that Georgia peeps rock!


Ronni said...

Awesomeness! God has everything in control and satan is just trying to get his last word... well Zoe has been redeeemed into a life of love, security, and life!

Zoe Bohlender... you are one blessed little girl.