My Purpose Driven Suburban

I should have brought my $10,000 shirt to Georgia. It was that kind of day. A good friend felt the Lord told him to address our vehicle issues, and presented us with a 2002 Suburban yesterday. It's Johnny Cash Black with tan leather and stretches about forty feet in length. That's just an estimate, don't quote me. Anyway, it radically fixes our seating issues and we are incredibly grateful to God and His fine folks.

The alarm went off way to early this morning. I go up and drove the 100 miles or so to meet Gary Lamb for breakfast. I have decided that Gary is a postmodern Popeye. ("I yam who I yam"). Gotta love him! We really had a good time - thanks for the pancakes and the ride, Gary!

Unfortunately, after breakfast my Johnny Cash Tour Bus would not start. Gary, ever the mercy person, was quick to point out (repeatedly) that "Even though it doesn't start, it really looks good....". Gary got me to a Chevy dealer who swapped out the battery and I was off, headed north and west. 850 miles is a long day no matter what you're driving.


I heard a rumor they were going to publish this but kind of doubted it. They swiped it from Steve Sjogren's Serve-Others magazine. I hope he splits the fat honorarium with me. :)

No wonder I'm tired. Gary Lamb and Rick Warren. That's a lot for one day.


Esther Irwin said...

I'm almost afraid to carry on a conversation with you again - now that I know all that!

Kirk Bennett told me one time that if someone really irritates you or has character traits that bother you that you should ask what their personal story is, that way you can understand them better and won't be so irritated. (or something like that) I thought that was pretty neat advice until I remembered that Kirk had asked me that question one time... So, what's your story??

jen said...

Hey, that's cool! I remember reading it when it first came out. I think you should write MORE and try to get it published, because you say good stuff.

Brent Steeno said...


Your going to get some crazy hits to your blog now!

Sweet! Direct to me!


have you seen the new me by the way?

Randy Bohlender said...

Esther, after reading your comment through four or five times, I have less understanding about what you're talking about than ever. I am publishing it for the greater community to help interpret.

Randy Bohlender said...

Steeno - we're all behind you, man. Driving all of the internet your way. For real.

GregB said...


Its about time you were getting famous, man! You've got much to give away!

- GB

shawn blanc said...

Randy - Our next trip to Dunn bros is in your P-Ride.

Alaska1 said...


Love ya man,