So as I understand it...

1) Pope makes comments about the violent history of Islam.
2) Muslims are horribly offended at him and protest his remarks by firebombing unrelated churches.

I see.

Firebombings left black scorch marks on the walls and windows of Nablus' Anglican and Greek Orthodox churches. At least five firebombs hit the Anglican church and its door was later set ablaze. Smoke billowed from the church as firefighters put out the flames.


Steve S said...

2. Many mulims are offended, and a some small groups of people/muslims in Pakistan firebomb churches.

Randy Bohlender said...

Actually, Steve, the article referred to the firebombing of churches in the West Bank and Gaza. They also managed a driveby shooting and a bomb. This morning's news had pictures of an anti-vatican protest in Cairo, students burning the Pope in effigy in India, and Pakistani riot police standing guard in Islamabad. There were also firebombings in Tulkarem & and attempted attack on a church in Tubas, Pakistan.

I am not saying that my muslim neighbor down the street needs to be put under survelance. I'm just saying that in our PC driven culture, let's not minimize the irony of the fact that the widespread reaction to reminding them of their violent history has been a resurgence of violent protest.

Anonymous said...

It's all ok now. The Pope has apologised for saying all that. What's that verse about denying the faith?

Wonder what the reaction was of the Muslim that is running in Minnesota for congress (that is expected to win?) Will this affect his chances at being the first Muslim in Congress?
-Esther, who can't seem to comment with her blogger name.

Steve S said...


Apols for not reading the article properly.

I agree it's ironic.

The unfortunate thing is that it will likely affect the running of the mulim guy for congress.