7 years for what?

Yesterday began our three day feast/celebration marking IHOP's reaching the seven year mark of 24/7 prayer. Pop psychology says that the seven year mark of a marriage is often a watershed moment. Jacob was seven years into his work-to-wed program when he realized that he'd gotten the wrong woman. Seven years seems like a natural place of reflection.

Hearing that a prayer meeting, worship mixed with intercession, has been maintained around the clock for seven years has a funny effect on people. Many are stunned. Some think they've misunderstood ("24/7? around the clock? EVERY day?") Every once in a while I hear of someone who has a strange distaste for it. ("Seven years....and what do you have to show for it?")

I can't answer for everyone on the Missions Base, but I know what I'm here for.

I'm here by divine invitation. I did not hear the audible voice of God. I did not see writing in the sky. What did happen in the spring of 2003 is that we had a sudden, discernable tug on our hearts towards full time prayer and a fasted lifestyle. How do we know it was God? Well, for one think - it sure doesn't sound like the devil. Also, I personally was struck with a profound, God-given sense of boredom with what we were doing. I knew inwardly that this was what we were for.

I'm here for my kids. My guys are learning the disciplines of prayer and the principles of fasting. Their heroes, the 20-something prayer leaders and musicians, take them to Chipotle and challenge them to grow in God. Their leaders are crazy enough to let them pray and preach and sing, never sure if it's going to be for the breaking in of God or the finding of a hamster. They get to do the stuff.

I'm here in anticipation. Call me crazy (...pause for shouts of "CRAZY!") but I'm believing some stuff in this Book I've been reading. Stuff about God renewing His fame. Stuff about God rewarding hunger. Stuff about a kingdom. I'm certainly not so myopic as to believe one has to be in Kansas City to see any of that stuff, but it's where I'm choosing to be until the day...


shawn Blanc said...

Good post Randy. I originally came out here 5 years ago to get my life on track for my big, famous ministry. I got hy-jacked and re-tracked by God to realize I'm part of something much bigger. Now I'm here because I think I believe in prayer.

Brian said...

Good reasons, Randy! Blessings on you and the whole gang from your little brothers and sisters to the North. We exist because people like you chose to be a little crazy and believe it all. I have such gratitude for your encouragement when we needed it. You guys are real and you are there for us... enjoy your party! We are celebrating with you.

Brian and the Sanctuary House of Prayer gang