Saturday @ the Bohlenders...

It was a workday today.

I began the morning in the kitchen, which incidentally, is looking more and more like a kitchen. The task was assembling the four new counterstools (chairs, really) to go around the bar. It was the best - a bonehead easy job, a fresh pot of Yukon Blend, and catching up on NPR Podcasts.

Like most assembly jobs, the first one took forty five minutes, the second took twenty, the third took fifteen, and by the time I got it down to ten, I had run out of counterstools.

Meanwhile, Kelsey was painting downstairs - we're prepping a room down there that will allow Jackson to move down, leaving us room for the new little girl up near our room. A while back, we walled off a portion of the basement to make this new bedroom, and it's looking really funky, with glazed, off-gold walls. (Danielle, if you saw what your old room looked like, you'd be tempted to move back!)

This evening, we did the floor, which (this part is totally true) involved ripping pieces of paper-bag style paper into ragged chunkes, coating them with a mix that I dubbed "Troll Snot", and smacking them down on the floor. Next, we stain it and polyurethane the whole mess.

While doing all this, we solved one of the mysteries of the universe: Namely, how did Kiwi the Black Bear Hamster end up in Jackson's room last week? Kiwi's cage is in the basement, and he's been known to make a break for it...but when he freaked Jackson out by running across his toes and Jackson was sitting at his desk, we assumed that ZB had put him upstairs and let him go. Zion flatly denied it, but with a grin that said "uh....Maybe."

Anyway, tonight I headed up the stairs to find something, and enroute, found Kiwi, halfway up the stairs and climbing. Fast. Hamster-ninja style. When confronted, he admitted wrongdoing and was quickly behind bars. No shots were fired.


Danielle said...

Are you sure Kiwi didn't make it down through the laundry shoot? When I lived in that room I had a collection of small things that mysteriously made it into the room.

Randy Bohlender said...

Actually, Danie, the little critter made it UP from the basement. I'm sure he would have eventually made it back down through the laundry shoot. My guess is that if you were here and still in that room, he already would have made the trip.

shawn Blanc said...

Congrats to Jackson for graduating to the basement. I remember when I moved from upstairs to downstairs. It was a glorious milestone. No hampsters though, only spiders.