Give her credit...

I don't know Valerie Wilson, but I've got to give her credit - she's pretty sure of her standing before God. Different people determine those sorts of things a myriad of ways - some feel close to God when they sense Him near. Others, when they're arround their family. Valerie feels close to God when she wins the lottery. Again.

It turns out she won a million dollars back in 2002. She's no lottery diva. Not a ton changed for her. She bought houses for her children and kept showing up for work at the deli. What's really funny is that she just won the lottery again.

Apparently the State of New York will be forking over the cold hard cash one more time, and Valerie couldn't be happier. In the news article, she says:
"The first time I couldn't believe it...This time I said, 'God's on my side."'
So, there you have it. And to the thousands of others who bought tickets over the years and haven't won....well, you're going to need to find God somewhere else. Anyone for bingo?

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