two years ago today...

This afternoon, Tom Mills reminded me that two short years ago, we were rocketing down this road in a caravan that included a rental minivan, two rental cars, a large rv and a semitruck full of water (and beef jerkey, and chicken, and camping gear, and...) en route to Burning Man.

We had spent the previous day in Reno, Nevada, where at the last minute, the team members who were responsible for bringing the grill admitted that they...uh, didn't have one. We made a last minute run to Home Depot where I freaked out the poor 17 year old kid who was working the Gas Grill aisle by purchasing a little countertop grill and immediately hacking it with spare parts to accept 25lb propane tank.

I was instant messaging with BM's Marian Goodell a few minutes ago - apparantly it's pretty dusty out there. (I will pause to allow the shock to set it...).

Anyhow, the Burners are back at it this week. You can see TV Free Burning Man for daily video updates. No guarantees.

Tom is praying the men's bike club doesn't appear on screen. Or the woman who kept yelling for her vodka.

Extra Bonus Points for anyone who can name what that desert car at left started out as....click on the photo to enlarge.

Anyway, pray for the Burners tonight.


Anonymous said...

Gremlin? Kyra

Randy Bohlender said...

Kyra wins.

OK, in the interest of fairness, Krya, tell them what your job is....

(let me guess, the curve of the lower part of the rear fender, right?)

Anonymous said...

I am an Autobody damage estimator at a Autobody shop in Minot, ND. Truth be told , I orginally was thinking it was a Pinto or Monza, my husband, Buddy, being of sound mind said "NOPE IT'S A GREMLIN". So he actully wins. He most likely had to drive one of these back in his early days of driving I would guess. Randy are you guys at BM right now? Later Kyra

carl said...

I first thought pinto then guessed gremlin. But noooo the body shop lady had to steal my glory!