before the sunrise

Traditionally, I awake at 4:50am with two things on my mind: Coffee and information.

After five or six hours of down time, my brain begs for stimuli; for the news of the earth and the caffiene to supercharge the processing of that information. I cruise about 10 websites, a blend of news network and newspapers. By 5:35, I am warmed by the cup of coffee and thoughts of the events of the world.

Not lately.

Recently, I've been awakened in the wee hours with another craving, not of body, but of spirit. I suddenly care less about getting the facts of the days events correct and more about getting to the reality behind the facts - what the Spirit is saying and whether or not I can hear it or not.

I'm turning ever so slightly, sails fully extended, catching the slightest breeze of change. Even so, to my soul it feels like a full-on gale. God is on the move. I dread that I might miss Him because I'm more intrigued by the curl of the waves than I am the wind of the Spirit.

So here I am, God. Come. Come and visit. It's all I really want. Even while I sleep.


Kari said...

Thanks for the reminder. Today was definately the day for me to hear it.

Ronni said...

Amen. Even though I sleep, my soul is awake. I've felt it too the past few days. A friend of mine even said he felt like something was coming, and God was preparing us while we slept.

So prepare us Lord.

Kate said...

that is good.

shawn Blanc said...

I've noticed the same shift in my own life. Not at the same time of day though; When I wake up at 4:45 I can only handle a hot shower and hot coffee. I have to wait until I've brutally woken myself up by drumming for two hours before I can handle any mental stimulation. (hmmm...did I just totally diss drummers right now?)

But to get to my point, I haven't been visiting my normal bookmarked news feeds. Instead I've been more hungry for time in the Word.

Randy Bohlender said...

Shawn...this is probably an insensative time to start telling drummer jokes, eh?

shawn Blanc said...

Nah. There's never an insensitive time for humor. But good luck. I've already heard them all.