ready for takeoff

This morning, Kelsey and I had our third home study interview for the adoption. Our first two interviews were separate; this one we did together. All in all, it wasn't too difficult...simply confirming the old saying that if you tell the truth, it's easier to keep your story straight.

The original plan was for the home visit to take place in a few weeks, pushing the finalizing of our home study to mid September or later. Today, things took a twist as the woman doing the study announced she could do it sooner. Like, Wednesday. This means the home study could be done by August 26th, putting us in a position to receive our baby....oh, like, fast.


This all became remarkably real to me today. It's been real all along, but today we kicked in the afterburners. I will soon be a father of four. Four children in the rear view mirror (that is, if our rear view mirror would stay in it's place...it falls off). I'm jazzed.


Alaska1 said...

I am so excited for you and your family, but I am even more excited for Savannah Zoe!!

the "other" Sarah said...

Oh, the anticipation! I can't wait to meet her!

Esther Irwin said...

How exciting!! Maybe you need to buy more than one hat at WalMart!! one big and one small. Please let Kelsey pick out the small one.

Ronni said...

Oh but a baby girl is soooo different! You are going to have a blast! Just think, you'll have to get a pump shot gun for her first date! So you can sit on the front porch with that hat... ;)

Congrats guys!

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Heck Yes! I can't wait until she starts a blog too!

Bren said...

I love the idea of a baby shower.... Are you registered anywhere? While I (and some others) are a few states away,it still would be great fun to send a gift. It will not be too long before little Savannah Zoe has a brand new family!
Just as we are adopted into the family of God, so very cool. Doing the heart happy dance here for all of you.

I have 5 daughters, so... I think little girls are way too cool!