Muscle Man Dominates Beach

(AP-Daytona Beach, FL) A muscle man was seen roaming the beaches in the Daytona area, kicking sand in the face of 98lb weaklings and shouting at seagulls. He was trailed by two adults - a trendy-looking woman and bewildered bald man. They all appeared to be having a wonderful time.


Hence begins our first full day in Daytona. Traditionally, I have not been a beach person. I am a North Dakotan. One can live a full life as a North Dakotan and never ever see the coast of our continent. I trace this back to the fact that most of the people who settled the upper plains states in the late 1800's were poor immigrants from Russia, Germany, Norway and other parts of Europe that make North Dakota winters seem managable. These immigrants crossed the Atlantic in barely-seaworthy boats, usually sleeping in the steerage compartment, and going to the top deck only to wretch their hardtack overboard.

Once these seasick families arrived in NYC, they immediately high tailed it to the center of the continent, muttering "Eich nyet nedder agin!", which loosely translated, means "I will never again return to the sea."

And here I am. Breaking a vow three generations old. I realized as we wandered the sand last night, that I have become the figurative 39 year old guy with a wife and three (soon four!) kids who goes to Florida for a week. I have absent-mindedly achieved icon status.

I don't care. Surf's up!


Kari said...

Yey! I am truly grateful that you were able to take a break with the entire family. We really appreciate your family and your friendship. Blessings to you on your rest, my friend.

*ZB is the man! :)

chuck said...

Gun club notes:
Crickets chirping
Have you ever noticed there is an echo in the meeting place?

While on said beach, are you wearing bermuda shorts with knee high black socks?
It is those tourist memories from my childhood in Cali that leep me up at night....in terror!

Look out for sharks.....

Don't stare at the sun....

Use sunblock :)

be blessed