I have a new favorite perch.

Generally my early AM's are spent on a corner of our couch in a darkened living room, lights low, with the sound of an occassional car driving past the house.

This era has ended. I think.

My new favorite perch is in the kitchen, sitting on a stool at the bar. None of this was possible until this morning, because yesterday we finally got the countertop installed! Even more fun, we now have a sink, a dishwasher, and running water in the kitchen. Take that, Laura Ingalls!

Since late May/early June, we've been sans kitchen. It's been so long ago that there is some debate about the actual date, sort of how your Uncle Louie can't remember if it was the flood of '63 or '64 that took out the old bridge. Anyway, months ago, we destroyed the kitchen (intentionally) and we're nearing the end of the road back.

All we need now is a little paint, some tile backsplash, a finished ceiling and some very funky lights hung. We love these lights. They make the bar look like the bridge for Star Trek. Or I can sit at the bar and pretend to be a news anchor man, broadcasting into the dining area.

And that's the news from our house. Have a great day. (fade to prayer room...)


ChriS & Yvette Ferguson said...

We want photos. Digital evidence that said project is nearing completion and not simply a figment of your wild imagination.

eric wright said...

Be sure to get a PADDED stool if you plan to spend time beyond the 10 minute mark.

javamamma said...

from someone who just got a "new" kitchen last year, I agree with the first comment - photos are in demand!

I don't know you but I know a couple of the co-laborers on this project.

Ronni said...

YAY!!! No more bathroom dishes! I'm so happy for you! (okay Kelsey) LOL.

I agree with Eric... terminal numb bottom isn't good. Heck, spring for one with a back and swivel too!

Randy Bohlender said...

First lights; then photos. I promise.