home again

It was a mad dash from Cincinnati to Dayton this morning, for breakfast with Kelsey's aunt, uncle, two cousins and a cousin-in-law (I just made that term up, but I know that you're tracking with me...).

We had a great time hanging out at Bob's and hearing of her cousin's husband's mishaps while doing an 1,800 sq foot addition to their home. It turns out he was breaking up concrete in the garage floor with a Bobcat and inadvertently sent a substantial chuck of concrete sailing through the garage wall, into the house. Blane said "It couldn't just punch a hole...no, it had to destroy a 2x4 stud on the way through!" He also had much to say about his drywallers having intermittent knowledge of English. Sometimes it was perfect, other times....no comprendo.

After breakfast we raced from Dayton to Indy, only to find out our plane was delayed. We finally landed in Kansas City around 5:30pm. It is great to be home.

This evening, I made some updates to RandyandKelsey.com:
  • A new downloadable mp3 of Kelsey's session at the IHOP Prophetic Conference a few weeks back. It's entitled Living a Prophetic Lifestyle & it's outstanding.
  • Details on our upcoming Omega Intensive in East Tennessee, Sept 28-30, with Murray and Deborah Hiebert.
  • A few photos of our Adoption Benefit Dinner. By the way, the home study is finished! We are continuing to raise the necessary funds and twitching when the phone rings because we literally do not know the day or the hour....
Go there to see and hear it all.

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Ronni said...

Aww. Shame I couldn't have treated you guys to City BBQ. Ah well. :) Next time the offer stands. I'll drag Eric along... :)