All Snazzed Up

We just got back from Evan & Ellen's wedding.

We had a fantastic time - it had a cool 'vintage' theme, with some of the best music in the history of ever - both for the ceremony and the reception. I was standing up front waiting for Ellen to walk down the aisle as a little jazz combo played "The Way You Look Tonight" and was stunned to glance over and realize it was live. I figured for sure it was on cd.

Ellen was the webgirl at the Cincinnati Vineyard. We were both new and she was my go-to girl for anything in the art or web department.

Evan was on my '04 Burning Man team. He is pictured here shortly after we convinced the nice man that it would be helpful if he loaded our 10,000 bottles of water onto the Ryder truck for us.

The wedding was quite the shindig. I officiated - my first wedding in a while - and had a blast doing it. They were a great couple to work with! Pamela did a bang up job making sure we all stood in the right place. It was so much fun to be working with the Vineyard peeps again - Ed Hatke, tech coordinator extraordinaire, was even there to make sure my funky headset worked perfectly. Ah, how well I remember those days....(expressing angst regarding IHOP's aversion to wireless mics...).

My only complaint would be the heat at the beginning of the ceremony - it was outdoors, and I literally had rivulets of sweat pouring off my shaved noggin on all sides, including into my eyes. I was sure I looked like Michael Jordan shooting free throws in the 4th quarter of the playoffs. Apparently it didn't look as bad as it felt, which is good, because it felt horrible.

Kelsey and I had the great pleasure of sitting with Caleb & Jenny Powell - also IHOPers who we never seem to get to actually hang with back at IHOP, so we meet here, 600 miles away. Nevertheless, it was fun. Caleb and I were raised in parrallell universes, so we talked motorcycle wrecks involving handguns and how to convert your Rabbit to run on Veggie Oil. The girls just stared at us, in awe of the breadth of knowledge that we both possess. Or something.

Also in related news, Jackson looked quite spiffy as well, sporting the rumpled jacket look with curly locks of hair heading all directions. This young man heads off to school on Monday at Christ Prep, which is a combo class room and home school gig. Grayson will go as well.

I'm tired. Good night.


shawn Blanc said...

Evan was in my internship at IHOP like 5 years ago. What a great guy! He was the original bass player for Merchant Band before it was even Merchant Band. Thanks for the info on their big night. I wish I could have been there.

Randy Bohlender said...

As I tell others...I have Evan stories and will talk for coffee.

quick-draw said...

As someone who was there at that glorious table 29,
I can say that it was definitely the riveting conversation that kept the girls staring at us with awe and wonder, I mean who doesn't ride their motorcycle with a Ruger single-six strapped to their hip?!? (please excuse all spelling mistakes, remember I was homeschooled)