Whoops. Busted.

Ok, so the boys are snoozing and I'm surfing through some old photos, when I find this oddball shot of me driving cross country in a big ol' freakin' RV, circa 2002.

40ft of diesel-swilling big rig, tugging 20ft of trailer full of gear. By the looks of it, we're somewhere between Salt Lake City and Winnemucca. A nice memory.

Wait a sec...look at that guage on the right. That's the speedometer!! What was I thinking?!?


Brian said...

I'm sorry, but my monitor screen is a little fuzzy. What is the exact speed you are driving at again?? Don't be shy...tell the world.

No seriously, I can't actually see the speed :)

Randy Bohlender said...

I am bound by the margins of good sense to keep that information classified. But let's just say it took a good ways to stop the rig.