relishing the stillness

It is 5:30am. The lights are dim and I am enjoying a rich cup of organic, fair trade El Salvadoran. If I listen very closely I can hear the rythmic breathing of a little boy down the hall and the hum of the fridge. Other than that...silence.

In just a moment, all that will change. I'll hear the roar of the water in the shower, then the sound of the car, the sqeaking of door #3, the pound of the drums, the sound of the prayer leader...you get the idea. The wall of sound will last all day. It just does.

But for the moment...it's quiet. This is my favorite part of the day.


chuck said...

We can't wait till the day when our view is more than the lines on the carpet and the platform. Man are we homesick. :)

Randy Bohlender said...

Amnesty, brother! Come home - all is forgotten! (from the Amnesty International House of Prayer...)

Alaska1 said...

We also need someone to coral dogs and chase overgrown chickens in a particular neighborhood. We wont even talk about the racoons ;)

I am not sure if you are missed or the others are just too scared of wildlife.