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Yep, the book of Daniel. I have been drilling over these 12 chapters for a week. I am connected to this book in a deep way. The modern parallel of living a rightous life in an occupied territory is phenomenal.

Some years ago, a group of us went through The Leadership Challenge by Pozner & Kouzes. Repeatedly, the book asks the reader to reflect on their 'best leadership experience'. I discovered that mine was intrinsically linked linked to the book of Daniel. When my leadership expression was strong, I was generally studying, teaching or otherwise consumed with Daniel. Incidentally, 'the man' burns in 40 days. Let the reader understand.

I want to read the writing on the wall for the kings of the earth, and speak with authority on the days to come. That is my leadership challenge.

Berga: Soldiers of Another War

Kelsey picked up this PBS documentary at the local library. In brief, it is the story of 300 US soldiers, captured during WW 2 and sent to a 'feeder camp' for Buchenwald. The story centers on the fact that the soldiers would not reveal the Jews among their party, preferring mass abuse to letting the Germans know definatively who the Jews were. The soldiers, many of them interviewed here as old men, say things like "They asked who our Jews were. We told them that in our country, we do not differentiate between religions. And so they threw me down the stairs...".

The website does a fair job of telling the story, including some compelling video clips, but of course, the documentary is better. This is one of the most timely things I've seen, in light of what is to come. See Tom Mill's description of yesterday morning's service for more thoughts of standing with Israel.

The Speaking Channel

I found this linked from Guy Kawasaki's blog...speaking of which, I love his definition of a blogger: Someone with nothing to say, writing for peope with nothing to do! The Speaking Channel shows clips of some of the greatest contemporary public speakers, along with matching video critiques. There are clips of people like Kawasaki, Rudy Guliani, Arnold Swartzenneger, John Edwards, and Bill Clinton.

After watching a few of them, I began to wonder 1) How Guliani got elected (probably a great guy, but not a great speaker) and 2) how I forgot about Clinton's charisma. Is there another person on the planet who I would disagree with more yet find so compelling to listen to? Bubba still got game.

The Freakonomics Blog

I know I've plugged this before, but just wanted to point it out because they continue to post interesting content. There to the point now where contributors are feeding the machine - it's a good mental exercise page.

The best recent example from them? A post about the change in Walmart's shoplifting policy, and how Walmart was driving authorities nuts from prosocuting every theft from a flat screen tv to a pack of gum Apparantly the new policy is that if you're under five or over 65, you get a bye on a first offense. Watch for the NARP Kleptomaniac Convention to be relocated to Bentonville, Arkansas.

Well, I'm off to shower and then the prayer room. To quote my good friend Allen Hood, 'Word out.'. Uh, homies. Yeah. That's it.

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