New Linkage Added...

Having filed the appropriate paperwork, Mr. Shawn "Don't call me Sean..." Blanc now has his very own link over there on the right sidebar. For whatever reason, adding a link goofed up my Amazon Wish List display and so it is gone for now. Anything for you, Shawn.

In Shawncentric Trivia, he will be the DJ/guest celebrity hipster at the upcoming Adoption Benefit Bash*, and promises to (and I quote directly) "rock the microphone."

*Yes, this is a shameless plug. I am entirely shameless about this. We're adopting a life...and you can help.

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Shawn Blanc said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. You're too kind. Sorry about your amazon wish list. Maybe you can use the $20 to pay IT to fix it for you.