End Times Energy Drink...

This photo just arrived from everyone's favorite Southern Gospel Singing Family, The Happy Wiezorek's.

They were recently on tour in Nebraska, singing their way across the Corn Husk state when they saw this display in a convenience store where they were handing out Chick Tracts. They took it as a sign from God to get on back to Kansas City and prepare for the impending apocalypse. Not a bad idea.


Shawn Blanc said...

This reminds me of when the Omega Course first came out, and ome friends of mine (who's initials are Dwayne Roberts and Jesika Willard) were like, "Oh my gosh. They totally ripped of that Omega logo from the watch company."

I'm thinking, really? The watch company's logo looks exactly like the Omega Course?

They reply, "It's not exactly identical, but it's the "O" with the two lines at the bottom. Randy will be so upset when he finds out."

Umm....That's the Greek symbal for Omega. It was around long before the watch company.

Randy Bohlender said...

THAT is a riot!

I cannot believe the watch company ripped off the energy drink company.

Alaska1 said...

hmm chicken or the egg... THAT is the question

Kelsey Bohlender said...

I LOVE The Happy Singing Wiezoreks! The are better than The Talleys! I heard they got an invite to appear on the next Gaither Christmas DVD....is that true?? Wow -- up there with Russ Taff -- I'm so proud of 'em!