We're nearly Danieless...

We have been awfully honkin' fortunate to have Danielle with us for the past few weeks. It has been an absolute hoot, and we are pretty much in denial about her going back to Cincinnati.

Danielle worked for me at The Big V, coordinating weekend intensives for servant evangelism. We would gather a hundred leaders from across the US and talk evangelism for 2 days in such a way as to cause them all to tilt their head 45 degrees and mutter 'huh'? I had the easy part - get up and talk. Danielle had the hard part - make 100 people from different places all feel at home. Invariably the weekends ended with one or more of the attendees offering her a job. The other hard part of that role was that she had to hear me teach the same stuff over and over....and even hear me say "Danielle is looking for the Lord's will in her life, so Will, if you're out there, come talk to me later....".

A few months after we made the move to IHOP, Danie joined us to do an internship called Intro to IHOP. At the time, she knew Kelsey a little and barely knew our boys at all. She moved into the guest room (and our boys' hearts). Kelsey was glad to have another female around the house. Danielle hung out, attended classes, played with the boys, and went so far as to make three different chocolate deserts for Kelsey's birthday that year.

She was with us for a year and even made the '04 Burning Man trip. She's pictured here on the playa with Marjie Long of Northern Kentucky Vineyard fame. While at Burning Man, Danie never missed a beat - dust storms or whatever. Judging by the photo of she and Marjie, it must have been late in the week. :)

Danielle's an uncommonly brave soul who enjoys new challenges. This was never more clear than at Burning Man, where she willingly joined Barry Long riding atop the RatCar. At one point, it became painfully aware that the driver of the RatCar (a stranger to us) was somewhat inebriated and I cut the ride short.

Shortly thereafter, she moved on to Cali, and eventually back to Cinci.

When the time came for us to do the Omega Intensive, we knew we needed a hardcore listmaker and organizer. Danielle agreed to come out for a few weeks and be all things administrative for us. It was great to have her at the house and to once again be able to remind her "I am SO the boss of you!" She did a killer job (and garnered another job offer as usual) but time has come for her to head back to Cinci.

Kelsey and I are pictured here with Danielle in one of her famous 'let's take our own picture' poses that she takes everywhere. Obviously, I am displaying my mortification that she is leaving us.

We both will miss her big time. And the little boys? Oh man. Don't even go there.


Danielle said...

You guys are the best! This has been such a great visit. Thanks for asking me to come. I am sad to go. And...you're not the boss of me.

Angela Solomon said...


Thank you for loving on my Danie. Your blog makes me miss her for me now and miss her for you soon.


Randy Bohlender said...

D - I am SO the boss of you. And your sister. And Ann Kimmel, too, for that matter.

Danielle said...

I wonder what Ann would have to say about that.

Randy Bohlender said...

I have no fear of what she would say. Particularly at this distance.

Ronni said...

Hey Randy, we have a Will here at Dayton Vineyard (Cinci's offspring!!) who is trained in Servant Evangelism and is Steve Bowen's helper... wonder if it could be God's... "Will"... LOLOL

Randy Bohlender said...

Ronni - please forward me his contact info scribbled on a twenty dollar bill and I shall we what I can do to prepare the way.

Ronni said...

LOLOL... something blatent about that I have to appreciate... LOLOL Now if I get a job... you have a better chance! LOL ;)