Using the little mugs.

I am a coffee nut. I like it strong. Black. And in mugs the size of a rottweiler's head. When the barista asks "Room for cream?", I always reply "Nope. It only ruins it."

Somewhere along the line, someone gave us these four dinky coffee cups. They're not mugs. Barely cups, even. Cuplets. Blue coffee cuplets. And I've taken a liking to them. For three reasons.

  1. They're tiny. I have a small, bullet-shapped thermos that I take to the office in the morning. I used to take a regular mug....either my Starbucks' Seattle mug or the one these guys sent me for being a good customer. Then I realized that, when using those mugs, I could have coffee once during the day. I switched to the micromuglet and now I can enjoy coffee 3x a day before draining the Java Bullet Train.
  2. They bring a certain gravitas to any setting. Nothing like sitting around discussing Important Stuff in the strategy room with everyone else drinking their swill from paper cups, only to pull out the fine china.
  3. The little cups make me feel like I'm sitting somewhere in a Marriot's resturant, not in my house where the kitchen renovation stretches even further into perpetua. They give me a certain measure of escape from craziness that my day will bring....as if all I have to say is "Will you make ________ (insert your irritation here) go away?" and some unseen Marriot employee will smile and say "My pleasure...." as their training teaches them to do.
Bring on the little blue cup. It is small, but sometimes it contains every drop of sanity I have.


Alaska1 said...

Will you make my offense that no one showed up for the gun club meeting go away? HAHA.. only kidding, I actually was able to enjoy my cup of coffee, then went to the prayer room for a much needed oil refill.

Have you heard my news?

Randy Bohlender said...

Actually, I sent out an email that I was not going to be there. It was the Cornhusk and Illini delegations that let you down....

Alaska1 said...

haha.. well, check your sent file.. make sure you have me on that list.

And as for the coffe cup, you should see the one on my desk right now.

Seriously, I needed the refill of oil. between Misty's Captivated CD in the truck, Marcus and crew on the 6 am set and Justin to follow, it is a SWEET morning.