Omega Update

It started as a lark, really....maybe we should do the Omega Course here at IHOP for guests. Maybe some would like to come, take the course, and hang out in the prayer room. Perhaps twenty or thirty or even forty people.

A hundred. That's how many showed up. A hundred people, ten to a table, studying the End Times and digging it big time. The photo does NOT do it justice - tomorrow I'll try and bring the real camera instead of relying on my Treo.

Today was our opening day and it was a smashing success. Our table facilitators did a great job - many left saying "This is a blast!". While a lot of the info border on overload for people, they're processing well and have a few days to allow their spinning heads to slow down.

Tomorrow we start them in the prayer room - even Daniel didn't get this stuff apart from prayer and fasting - and then back to the classroom for a 2pm and 7pm session.


jacobswell said...

Randy, when are you going to do this again? COunt me in!

Sean The Red said...

I rememb er the night Kelsey came home fromt hat end times class and said "There was a girl in the class freaking out because she was a new beleiver and all this was overwhelming her. We should do something like Alpha for the end times". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

See what happens when you have an idea? WOW. Good job guys.

Brent Steeno said...


I think it is time you take this to the rest of the nation!

I think it is amazing. A group of 100 people coming together to pray, fast and study the endtimes. I wonder what Daniel is thinking?

Probably one of the most important meetings going on in all the world.

Brian said...

That's great to hear how well its going. Keep going, man!

Alaska1 said...

My prayers are with you and your team. I wanted so badly to be a part of the breakout last Saturday and would have loved this too. Hopefully next time. Thank you for seeing this through!